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Horse Rail Fencing

Horse rail fencing is made for longevity, for giving on impact, for cushioning the horse, for overall safety. For low maintenance, for its good looks and ease of installation.

Polyethylene, as used for horse rail, has predominantly been used in premium industrial products such as paint containers, electrical cables, irrigation pipe and water tanks. It is used when flexibility and durability are required.

Experience in Australia has shown that Polyethylene will outlast other plastics. Some lower quality plastic products have failed after only 3 -5 years.

In Australia we have now seen horse rail installed up to 25 years with no signs of degradation.

With a limited manufacturer’s warranty of 30 years, Horse rail fencing has unmatched durability.

Easy to Install – A unique, patented fence system.

No painting, cracking, or splintering to repair. We know that owning horses is an investment in money, patience, and dedication.

Horsetail’s three wire rail has a fantastic 30-year limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

All information above was taken with permission from Duncan Equine.

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Horse Rail